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Morning brief: Solar on the family farm
06/01/2020  |  

The Fritz Family Farms in New Windsor, Maryland partnered with Standard Solar on a 2.7 MW solar array on 12 acres of their 400-acre grain, hay and cattle farm. “This project provides economic benefit to the landowner, operator and community while harnessing clean renewable energy,” said Jeffrey Fritz.


Standard Solar develops 2.7-MW solar tracker system on Maryland farm
05/29/2020  |  

斗地主达人The Fritz Family Farms in New Windsor, Maryland recently partnered with Standard Solar on a 2.7-MW solar array on 12 acres of their 400-acre grain, hay and cattle farm.


Standard Solar Brings Value to Maryland Farm, Delivers Affordable, Predictable Power to WSSC Water with 2.7-Megawatt Solar Array
05/28/2020  |  

Renewable energy is a natural fit for U。S。 farms as they look for additional ways to manage their land for generations of production。


Expert Insights on the Application of Battery Storage Within Commercial DG Solar Systems in Free eBook from Standard Solar
05/06/2020  |  

In 斗地主达人Standard Solar’s new eBook, company experts explain why DG PV + storage is beneficial, report on current compensation models, highlight the states with the most favorable policies and examine possibilities for a standard system of compensation.


U.S. Light Energy Community Solar Project in New York Now Operating, Brings Clean Energy to Hundreds of Lewis County Residents
05/04/2020  |  

U。S。 Light Energy today announced the completion of the Denmark Community Solar Project – Lewis County, New York’s first community solar project。 U。S。 Light Energy developed the 7。2 megawatt (MW) ground-mount project and it will be owned and operated by Standard Solar。




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