When Standard Solar was founded in 2004, few saw the solar industry becoming ubiquitous。 But we did。 We believed。 As the solar industry expanded and evolved, Standard Solar did, too。 We partnered with forward-thinking, progressive companies who also believed in the coming of the solar century。 Together, we brought ground-breaking projects to life。 But as we grew, just installing the best commercial systems in the country wasn’t enough。 We believe this is solar’s time, and we want to shape its future。

We knew what was keeping commercial solar from spreading even more quickly than it was. We knew the one piece of the puzzle we didn’t have was the one most of our partners and potential partners said they needed—financing. And, more than simply financing options—real financing with low-cost capital. So, we set out to add that element to our portfolio. We wanted to become the partner companies could count on to deliver projects from start to finish. So, we went looking for a finance partner.

In 2017, we found our partner。 Énergir, an international energy stalwart with $5。3 billion in US assets , has provided us with $500 million in low-cost capital and told us make the projects happen—to do our part to bring projects from all around the U。S。 to completion。 We plan to do just that, from financing to final commissioning and beyond。 Let us deliver your solar projects and be your trusted guide along the way。

斗地主达人It doesn’t matter from what part of the solar industry you come。 We work with everyone:

Developers, EPCs, Installers, State and Local Governments, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Utilities, Communities, or simply a landowner or investor who wants to help us build the solar century.

What’s important is that as your partner, we can deliver your solar project to you and help build a renewables legacy of which you can be proud.


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